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Balmain FW14 Thoughts....

With Balmain Homme FW14 pieces dropping, arriving at select retailers across the globe, I have had a good look at them it is a great time for a review of this season from the young designer Oliver Rousteing. To be quite honest, from a quick glance and an overall perspective, I do not like this collection. Although I do believe I could make some looks work. As usual, you can pull off the rare head to toe in a certain brand look and still be safe, which a very good thing. The color scheme just isn't for me, given, I do enjoy the American flag detailing on some pieces as it adds a very nice touch. I feel like if they were going to go with this color scheme the clothes should have been more “Manly", resemble actual military/biker gear, with better fits and silhouette’s. A more fitted look than what they have done with most pieces, such as the immaculate tailoring of SS12 where every piece of clothing was in somewhere in between, not too skinny like Saint Laurent but not too big. Rousteing also loves to add a flare to the clothes, like the leopard print and heavily branded t-shirts, that I feel doesn't really work with the military inspired roots of Balmain. It is fine for women, but for men I feel he should be held down to the core of Balmain’s design philosophies.
My perfect Balmain collection for fall would be a set of mostly Black-Grey Outerwear, with a few more color options available for T-Shirts and pants. A stealth, leather biker, tactical military inspired set of clothes but toned down, refined with the most luxurious fabrics as usual with a bit of Balmain flare such as some fur and heavy silver zips along with pops of color here and there. These are just my personal wishes and probably won't ever fall into fruition any time soon.
I'm going to give FW14 a 6.5/10 rating, compared to SS12 which I think is a 9.5/10. Still not bad, but hopefully we will stop with these different “themes” every season. The Russian military inspired vibe of FW12 looked amazing and really blended well with what Decarnin left Rousteing to continue. Olivier has been working too far out of what a true “Balmainiac” would want, what I mean by this is the loyal customers who have been around since FW09’ (Not the people who just discovered Balmain in 2012 or later and don’t truly understand the brand). This is all i really have to say, aside from these issues I also have problems with the fact that everyone has a pair of Balmain’s. They are simply selling a LOT of jeans, which is not bad for Balmain, but they are no longer exclusive. Go into Barney’s and you're guaranteed to see at least 3 pairs on people. Oh, not to mention people who believe they are fashionable wearing Balmain jeans with a Givenchy tee or sweater on top of some Christan Louboutin’s. That is a totally different topic for a different day though.
Hopefully you enjoyed the review, and my thoughts on the direction where Balmain, and Rousteing need to go during future collections.
P.S. Excuse any grammatical and structural errors, it is late. I’m off to bed